25.07.2016 Pond

Today we took some photos by our own pond. Yes, we do have a pond in our plot. How lucky are we.

24.07.2016 Summer

Minnie was a bit restless so I took her to vet. As I could not tell if it was urine infection or something related to her uterus nor could the vet her urine was checked and her womb was checked by ultrasound. She was also checked randomly about other things as well but nothing. I already knew about her ears so we got medication to that.

After we came back from the vet, she has been ok and has been ever since.

During the same time Eddie’s eye was checked because he had hurt it somehow. It had finally healed and I just wanted to make sure everything was fine.

This month (July) Lumikki my goat got sick and she is now on triple amount of antibiotics for 3 days and then we will continue on normal dosage for the next 7-10 day.

Hanie started her season in June. Last one was on December.

Both dogs and the goats have been with me in the forest when picking up blueberries. July is a season for the blueberries.



I have been monitoring the walks with my dogs for a while.

Walking a flattie is as hard as jogging.

It is pretty much as hard as cycling fast enough. The example is in the center of Helsinki (capital of Finland) and you need to slow down occasionally.

So get a flattie if you wish to get fit 🙂

8.06.2016 Another GPS related post

Hanie had GPS with her also on Monday and as expected she did much more than I did.

kotilampiWhen I came back home (dog’s were already there) I noticed that Hanie is in the bond and the mobile phone (with the GPS) is under the water. I called her and dried the phone as quickly as possible.
Seems that the phone is still working although it was under the water. Old phones are good in that way.

As you can see from the photos dogs route is almost double compared to human route. Walking in the forest is like step aerobics and therefore the time I spend there compared to the distance (km) is not that much. But it is effective. My Polar A360 fitness tracker thinks I’m running when walking in the forest.

When can we expect dogs to have similar trackers? 😉

5.06.2016 In the forest with GPS

Alfie had GPS in his harness on Saturday, but he did not do much more than I did. After all his is already 9.


On Sunday it was Hanie’s turn to had GPS with her and she did almost double compared to my route. Hanie is 1 year and 8 months of age.

3.06.2016 GPS Tracking

I’m going to test “self made” cheap version of GPS tracking with Sports-Tracker for dogs.

There are many gadgets but if you want to be safe and get one in Finland, it’s going to be quite expensive. Getting one abroad would be cheaper but you might never know what you are getting.

So, I will attach my extra phone to dog collar and compare my route to dog’s route and see how much more they do during the time we spend in the forest. They run free in the forest about 1 hour daily.

Hanie is modeling with the gadget using Alfie’s (quite big) collar.


19.05.2016 Alfie turns 9

My little boy is already 9 years. Time really flies.

Happy birthday dear Alfie.