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Anti bark

My first experience with anti-barking devices was in 2006 when I got one for Ella. It helped a bit. It was one of the neighbors then who said that my dogs were barking. After installing webcam etc I noticed that they did not bark too much. Only couple of wuff’s a day. Later the neighbor

Lumikki 2007 – 2019

My soulmate is gone. One of them. I lost her on Monday the 9th of December due to a tumor. Even a goat can touch you a way you could have never imagined and saying goodbyes brakes your heart. I miss you so much my darling Lumikki. Until we meet again. I have flatties to

The scent of a dog

When you have dogs, they tend to smell more or less indoors. But it is a good smell, at least for me. Normally my friends do not say anything about it but I also have a friend you used to mention it every time he visited and even outside my premises. Needless to say, he
Minnie flatcoated retriever

Minnie 10

Time really goes fast. It feels like yesterday when Minnie came to me as a puppy. I can so clearly remember the weekend in December 2009 when I went to UK to pick her up. Tony from the Belsud kennel had already selected a puppy for me from the litter. My friend Heidi joined us
Hanie sohvalla - poseeraus ei hänelle se juttu

It’s a miracle

The amount of gratitude is over the top. Today on the 2nd of October Hanie had time for surgery. It is no longer needed. About mid-August, I noticed a growth in one of Hanie’s nipples when she was laying on her back. The following week both of my girls had a booking for vaccination so
Haniel of Joy

Happy 5th birthday to Angel-litter

It’s already five years since Minnie had her litter. Her labor started in the evening and the first puppy came around 7:30 PM. It was the time when my dear Hanie girl was also born. She is having her 5th birthday with the rest of the gang. The birthday girl will have the traditional raw
Kolmikko: Hanie, Mickie & Minnie

Itching – did the new food help?

Experimenting if changing a food could help reduce the itching.
Leevi kissa


Leevi had a little wound in his head and it did not heal by itself.
Minnie iloisena metsässä


When Minnies was almost 1 year, she started to eat raw food. It has worked well until now at least. On spring 2018, when Minnie’s left inner ear was removed, I briefly discussed the possibility of allergy with the vet. Minnie has very narrow ear channels, which I think was the cause of the problem
Flatcoated retriever

Mickien eka näyttely

Mickie was in his first show on Saturday 18th of May. He got Junior Excellent. Below copy & paste text from the results (there are no commas etc) nice size male masculin head nice expression excellent construction nice deep chest correct rear angulation in between coats at this moment which is okay for age moved
Scalibor ja Seresto punkkipannat

More ticks than ever

We have been quite lucky here with not too many ticks. It has now changed. I need to take out one or more ticks every day from the cats. Earlier it was just time to time but never like this, daily. The dogs are much better thanks to the big pond I have in my
flatin synttärit

Mickie’s 1st birthday

Time really flies. Today Mickie turns 1 year. And he was just a little boy a while ago. Now he is almost a grown man. We took some photos of his day + traditional raw meat cake was served. Happy birthday Mickie.  
Koirat - nenän käyttö

Hiding from the dogs (ASMR)

Hiding from the dogs in the forest. Instead of using their noses, the dogs run like crazy. Video reporting.

Hunting in the wrong place

The new cat was allowed to go out after getting to know his new home for a couple of weeks. He was very interested in looking at the environment and a bit of fearful towards the rooster who is huge by size. Then he was taken inside again. The next time did not go as

New cat

We have a new cat here. He is quite a tough boy as seem to get along fine without eating too much. The stress of moving to a new place must have played some part. He just refused to eat. I tried very hard to get him to eat, but no success. Finally, a couple


Kiia, 10/08/2017 - 25/03/2019


Sorry, this entry is only available in Finnish. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language. Minnien vasemman sisäkorvan poistosta tulee kohta jo vuosi. Koko vuoden olen säännöllisesti pari kertaa viikossa putsannut Minnien oikeaa korvaa. Hyvin mahdollisesti tälle tahdille ei
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Vuosi vaihtui vähän rankemmin

Sorry, this entry is only available in Finnish. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language. Vuosi vaihtui. Eikä niin miellyttävissä merkeissä. 5.1. tuli jäähyväisten aika ihanalle Aino-vuohelle. Ei ehtinyt edes 2 vuoden ikään. Aino alkoi marraskuun lopulla horjumaan

Happy new year

Happy new year to all flatties and their owners. Others too 🙂 The year is about to change. Hopefully the year 2019 will be much better for all of us than 2018. There are good memories from the year 2018, but also tragedies: Alfie went to the rainbow bridge in February Eddie followed Alfie in

New kid on the plot

Mickie, Kalexas Dunrobin Castle, arrived in Finland at the end of August. He has “big boots” to fill after Eddie & Alfie. Mickie is from beautiful and mountainous Norway, so he needs to get used to more flat Finland. Luckily Vihti (the area where we live) is not as flat as Finland in general. He adapted