Is insurance needed for dogs?

About insurance fees in Finland and some calculations if they are worth it.

Eddie 11 years

Eddie turned 11 years on April 10th. He had a nice walk in the forest rolling in the fresh snow and enjoying the sunshine. For dinner raw meat cake. What a treat!

Overcoming ear problem

Minnie's survival diary: from ear pain to surgery and finally back to normal life.
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Life goes on

Dogs and pets in gereral, are time well spent.


At the end all that matters is love.

RIP Alfie

Alfie, Flat Garden's Alfred XV 19.5.2007 - 7.2.2018


Living with two elder gentlemen and about being grateful of each day.

Back to normal

Back to normal hopefully. The season is finally over and hopefully there won't be one after the other. Some gates were broken during the season by the boys and it's time to fix them now.

That time of the year

Hanie has started her season and most likely Minnie will follow soon. They boys need to wear panties inside the house.

Kiia the cat

Kiia the kitten joined the forces in November. She gets along with Leevi very well.

Farewell to Lotta

Lotta the cat never came back home after the summer (nor Autumn).


Some time ago I noticed a small lamp in Minnie’s tummy. At first it looked like a tick. Since I could not do anything about it, I left it alone. A bit later I noticed that it has grown just a little. As I have experience in hanging small lumps before, I decided to do

His royal highness Leevi

His Royal Higness Leevi the cat has arrived to his new kingdom. He will be managing the mouse kingdom + his servants in the house who's main duty is to serve food and open doors for the King.

Minnie 8 years

Minnie (Trephilip Night Sky Lass) turned 8 years on October 13th and we celebrated it with raw meat cake.

RIP Elmo

Wonderful and so sweet Elmo is gone. It was only Monday morning that he came home after spending a night outside (normal this time of the year). On Tuesday he called me as he was not feeling ok. I took him to vet. On Wednesday night after I came home he was not good at

Hanie 3 years

Hanie (Haniel of Joy) turned 3 years today.

July moments

Heinäkuussa on luovuttu ja saatu uutta tilalle. Koirat viettävät koiranpäiviä metsässä kirmaillen ja lammella polskien. Mitä nyt vähän on uikutettu ja kiljuttu naisten perään.

RIP Hilla

Rest in peace Hilla, 2005 - 2017

Alfie’s ears

About a month ago I took Alfie for a vet because his ears were quite sore & waxy. We had check up two week after that but the infection was still there, so we continued his ear drops for another two weeks. Today we had the second check up and his ears were much better.


Minnie had some ear problems in her ear. The earflap was swollen due to blood in it. As Alfie has had the same earlier and I took him to to vet and it did not really help, I just let Minnie’s ear heal on it’s own. Alfie has antibiotic for his swollen earflap and it