GPS gadgets

Just found and ordered GPS gadgets for the dogs. Pink naturally goes to one of the girls and blue for the boy. White and green still remains to be seen. When they have arrived, I will let you know how they work. The price was only €1/each so I’m quite open for the option them not

Pants for the boys

Since Minnie arrived and had her first season, boys have had male pants. They are almost in trans when the best days are going and unfortunately might mark (eg pee) inside the house. The pants have worked so far but now for some reason their “thing” seems to get out of the pants too often.

Personal trainers

Flatcoats, or dogs in general, are excellent personal trainers. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining cats & dogs or what ever the weather is, dogs demand their walk – especially if they are flatcoats. After getting Polar Flow (last summer) I have been surprised how efficient walking the dogs in the forest is. My settings
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Independence day

Happy 99th independence day Finland. The pups 6.12.2014 eg two years ago.  

Biscuit challenge

[:fi]Pojat kokeilivat ensimmäistä kertaa piparihaastetta. Kuvista huomasi, että koko hippipoppoo oli trimmauksen tarpeessa ja illemmalla näyttivätkin kaikki jo vähän siistimmille.[:en]The boys started their first biscuit challenge today.[:]

Black Friday

Eddie visited vet after being sick in the morning. Luckily he was no longer in pain & medical results were just fine.

It has been 10 years

Remembering Ella after 10 years of her departure.

Long time no post

Seaching for good turtle mats that can handle dogs. Please let me know if you know where to get those.

Minnie 7 year

Happy birthday to Minnie.

Hanie 2 years

It was Hanies 2nd birthday party with raw cake.


We had a wonderful time by the home pond. Captured some nice action photos to cherish during the long winter.
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[:fi]Kiireistä kesää. Minnie ja Eddie kävivät tohtorilla. Kaikki ok loppujen lopuksi. Lumikki vuohi sairasteli myös ja on toipumaan päin. Kesään kuuluu myös käydä poimimassa porukalla mustikoita.[:en]Minnie's & Eddie's visit to the vet. The goat Lumikki visited already earlier this month. Picking up blueberries. [:]


This is about widgets when walking the dogs. Widgets are very important ;)

Another GPS related post

Hanie had GPS with her also on Monday and as expected she did much more than I did. When I came back home (dog’s were already there) I noticed that Hanie is in the bond and the mobile phone (with the GPS) is under the water. I called her and dried the phone as quickly
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In the forest with GPS

Alfie had GPS in his harness on Saturday, but he did not do much more than I did. After all his is already 9.   On Sunday it was Hanie’s turn to had GPS with her and she did almost double compared to my route. Hanie is 1 year and 8 months of age.
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GPS Tracking

I’m going to test “self made” cheap version of GPS tracking with Sports-Tracker for dogs. There are many gadgets but if you want to be safe and get one in Finland, it’s going to be quite expensive. Getting one abroad would be cheaper but you might never know what you are getting. So, I will
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Alfie turns 9

My little boy is already 9 years. Time really flies. Happy birthday dear Alfie.

Eye update

As mentioned in the last post, I was planning on taking Eddie to eye specialist. Suddenly on Sunday (two days after visiting a vet for the 3rd time) Eddie’s eye started to get better. Still is. He seem to be just ok with the eye. He still gets eye drops 3 times a day (until
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Eddie’s right eye has not been ok for over a week now. We saw the first vet on Friday (temp. not our regular vet) and then I took him to another  (more experienced) vet on Saturday. We had the check up week after on Friday but the eye had not healed as it should. The eye
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Eddie turns 9

Happy birthday to Eddie who turns 9 years today <3 As normal, he was served a meat cake with Greek yogurt dressing. It was delicious.