In the forest with GPS

Alfie had GPS in his harness on Saturday, but he did not do much more than I did. After all his is already 9.   On Sunday it was Hanie’s turn to had GPS with her and she did almost double compared to my route. Hanie is 1 year and 8 months of age.
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GPS Tracking

I’m going to test “self made” cheap version of GPS tracking with Sports-Tracker for dogs. There are many gadgets but if you want to be safe and get one in Finland, it’s going to be quite expensive. Getting one abroad would be cheaper but you might never know what you are getting. So, I will
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Alfie turns 9

My little boy is already 9 years. Time really flies. Happy birthday dear Alfie.

Eye update

As mentioned in the last post, I was planning on taking Eddie to eye specialist. Suddenly on Sunday (two days after visiting a vet for the 3rd time) Eddie’s eye started to get better. Still is. He seem to be just ok with the eye. He still gets eye drops 3 times a day (until
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Eddie’s right eye has not been ok for over a week now. We saw the first vet on Friday (temp. not our regular vet) and then I took him to another  (more experienced) vet on Saturday. We had the check up week after on Friday but the eye had not healed as it should. The eye
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Eddie turns 9

Happy birthday to Eddie who turns 9 years today <3 As normal, he was served a meat cake with Greek yogurt dressing. It was delicious.

Nalle’s vacation

Nalle’s week here went so fast. He just left. For 5 days Nalle & Hanie played almost non-stop (during the day). Last two days they had taken it more slow but when we were in the forest (walking) they just kept playing & running. It was quite sad for me when Nalle left. He is such a


There seemed to be something interesting in the small caves on Sunday. Alfie almost went to the cave and as a big boy he would just get stuck. Alfie the caveman.


Hanies brother Nalle came here for his vacation (eg. his family is travelling). Minnie started her season two days after he came so we are lucky as the boys need to be separated from the girls about weeks time, after Nalle has left. Nalle & Hanie are real “playaholics”. They just keep playing and having so
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Leap year

February 29th is a day when women can propose to marriage in Finland*. If they are turned down, the man is supposed to get the fabric for the skirt. Hanie wearing the fabric for no reason at all. Other than it was fun. Minnie 4 years ago.   *women can propose to marriage all the

Heavy weight lifting

Sorry, this entry is only available in Finnish. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language. Tänään lenkillä tuli kunnon lumipallot jalkoihin. Välillä otin niitä irti, mutta tuli melko nopeasti takaisin. Eniten niitä kerrytti Eddie, koska sillä myös
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My flatties were show in tv program “Kuningaskuluttaja” four times in February. It was filmed in December before snow. You can see the flatties below in timing 4:02 – 4:14.

Taking photos of black dogs

Is not easy. Any tips? These photos I took on the weekend. I love the flattie photos you can see for example in the Instagram and would love to take good photos.
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Exercising again

It’s been almost 14 days since the last cough so we did the normal walk for the first time yesterday and then again today. This time with the goats too.

Kennel cough

Due to Hanie’s season I took Minnie to the training on 21/12. About week later she started coughing. Then some days later Hanie started and Eddie coughed couple of time during one day. Minnie’s cough was the longest but she has not been coughing today (Friday). Hanie only coughed once. So we didn’t even have

Happy New Year

All the best for the year 2016!

Merry Christmas

Each Christmas I remember The ones of long ago; I see our mantelpiece adorned With stockings in a row. Each Christmas finds me dreaming Of days that used to be, When we hid presents here and there, For all the family. Each Christmas I remember The fragrance in the air, Of roasting turkey and mince

Flatties are personal trainers

Now that Hanie is on season I’m exercising them in two parts: boys & girls separately. It’s hard work. I also got some natural tablets to Alfie. He gets quite excited during the seasons so I’m hoping these to help at least take the edge off.   I will write later how it went as I have

Cycling in December

I received four bicycle lamps to test a while ago and we all spent evenings in the dark forest. It was actually great and I was surprised to find out how much fun we had. I had to give them back after the testing but today we went back to bicycling in the forest during the day


Hanie has started her first season. She is now 1 year and 2 months of age. I notice how Alfie was sniffing Hanie and checked her out and yes, she is now in season. This Monday we will still go to the dog school but after that we need to have a break for a