sari_dogsMy name is Sari and I live in Finland. After living in the capital area I moved to the countryside in 2008 and I’m loving it! It’s getting more crowded close to Helsinki and I feel more free with my dogs in the countryside. We can go for long walks just from our own place; there is a huge forest all around. Dust roads are excellent for cycling with the dogs. There is also a big pond (lake for the people in the UK) in my plot so dogs are able to swim as much as possible (during the winter it’s frozen eg ice).

There are stories about my life with flatties since July 2005 in my blog (mostly in Finnish). I used to have another blog in English for some time but now this whole “dog section” is in one site ( and English is available from August 2015 in this site.

My history with flat coated retrievers

I had my first flattie Mira in 1988 from the Kennel Blackpics.

When Mira was 5 years, I had my second flattie Niki from the UK in 1993.

Mira had a long life and she passed away in 2002 at the age of 14. That was when I started to look for another flattie. It took two years and then I went to pick up Ella from the Kennel Belsud in the UK.

Unfortunately, Ella passed away at the age of 2 in 2006 and I made a booking from the Kennel Flat Garden’s in Norway but it took a while until their bitch was in season so I called Mary (Kennel Belsud) asking if there is something available in the UK. That’s how Eddie came to me in June 2007. There was also a puppy in Flat Garden’s about the same time and Alfie came to me in July.

Quite soon after the arrival of the boys, it was Niki’s time to leave at the age of 141 in 2007.

A couple of years later in 2009, Minnie came to Finland from the UK from the Kennel Trephilip.

In 2012 I completed 12 year dog trainer program in Rakkaat Haukut.

When Minnie was just about turning 5 years in Autumn 2014 she had a litter with Eddie and I have Hanie from that litter.

Sadly at the beginning of February 2018, Alfie passed away due to tumors which are just too common with flatties. He almost made it to his 11th  birthday.

At the end of June 2018, it was Eddies time to leave. He reached quite a good age for a flattie, 11 years and two months.

In August 2018 Mickie came to Finland from Norway and Alfie would have been his great uncle.

Eddie noutoMy dogs have participated in training regularly. Mainly basic obedience (good citizen) and hunting. One of them did two courses in agility too and my first flattie was quite good at tracking (blood track).

I also have cats, goats, and chickens.


Years ago I founded the Facebook page Flat coated retrievers and it has over 13 000 supporters. I post dog-related articles there but the most popular ones are photos with funny slogans. The one with my Alfie has reached almost 90000 people and has almost 700 shares.

There is also a group called “flatcoats” that I founded a long time ago and it has almost 5 000 members who are active in posting stories and photos of their dogs.

We also have a Twitter account with a few followers and mostly automatic blog posts from my blog or the Flat-coated retriever FB-page.


Please do not hesitate to contact.